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Commercial Properties

Video, Stills, 360 Assets, Timelapse and Hyperlapse Production

Using my experience in producing, capturing and editing still and video-based content for linear and VR applications, I’ve been able to provide a highly technical and creative approach in capturing architectural-based imagery.

As presentation is becoming more and more important to viewers, it is important to stand out and create something beautiful and meaningful, especially when showcasing properties online – with the aim of exceeding your buyer’s aspirations.

With in-house kit I’m able to shoot 8K large-format video which, in addition to providing extra high colour accuracy and dynamic range for glazing-heavy buildings, also adds the benefit of being able to pull very-detailed stills for online usage.

To show the movement of light and shadows within a building, I can set up motorized sliders to timelapse a room over the course of multiple hours or days, or shoot a more technical hyperlapse when a large area needs to be travelled.

As part of the beta-testing team for Kolor’s Autopano range of software (now owned by GoPro), I have put 360 cameras through very difficult filming scenarios – including a 3rd person body mount whilst climbing, and in capturing high-resolution VR content of windfarms from 100’s of feet up. This knowledge has enabled me to very efficiently capture and process 360-based content for interiors and exteriors, in areas of little or busy footfalls, without stitching errors.

Being able to produce a shoot from start to finish, all in house, allows for a very time and cost efficient approach with minimal time spent arranging kit rentals or troubleshooting.

See below for a gallery of video stills and case studies from some of my more technical projects.

case study


Multi-format capture of world famous venues

Despite not being a strictly commercial property shoot, various translatable techniques were used to showcase some of the most famous Arts venues in the World.

Over the course of 2 weeks, my assistant and I visited Paris, Sao Paulo, New York, Berlin, and a somewhat more-local Stratford Upon-Avon, to capture venue flythroughs and VR content.

HDRx capable cameras were used to help transition from bright exteriors to very dark interiors in one take, and as a result I have developed a technique to capture glazing-heavy properties without the common ‘blown-out’ problem of bright windows.

The award-winning Google Performing Arts project drew more than 500,000 unique visitors on launch day, and has garnered 2.4 million page views and generated 122 million impressions since.

Following the project we visited and created similar content for Google’s Grand Tour of Italy and an Expeditions project in the North Sea – where our technical abilities were put to the test capturing VR content in a vast windfarm.


  • Video Flythrough
  • Photography
  • 360 Imagery
  • Timelapses
  • Hyperlapses
  • Drone 360

case study


Climbing in Acton’s Grade II listed Art Deco building

A very technical approach was required to show off the Arch’s 3rd climbing centre in London. Built within an old cinema hall, and with the client requiring a ‘one shot’ film, producing this led to a very kit and post-production focused creative.

I put together a route through the centre and constructed a custom lightweight gimbal package which could also be mounted on a cablecam that spanned the large hall.

Together with the Arch’s rigging team we ensured the payload could safely work with the decline whilst people were climbing below it. In addition to the main ‘reveal’ video, 360 still assets for Google Streetview and a number of interior shots were created for the Arch’s website.

As an extra for social media usage, I also choreographed another ‘one-shot’ film. This was done entirely on 360 cameras and featured world-renowned freerunners taking on the entire centre.


  • Video Flythrough
  • Photography
  • 360 Imagery for Streetview

Additional Services

  • Influencer marketing
  • Freerunning video