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Claudiu Voicu

Director, Photographer and Video Producer specialising in action sports

Having grown up with the best of British Freerunning talent, Claudiu found himself moving away from his web-design roots to film, edit and photograph the newly discovered extreme sport at a time when its popularity was increasing daily.

Claudiu’s history with Freerunning started in 2003 following a feature on Channel 4’s Transworld Sports series. Soon after, he joined the Urban Freeflow Forums – the World’s first English-speaking Parkour community – when there were less than 10 people involved. The next decade consisted of travelling the world documenting the immense rise in Parkour and Freerunning as part of the most commercially successful Parkour and Freerunning Company to date.

His first self-produced and directed Freerunning production, Storm Freerun – Volume 1, became a viral hit and has since been licensed by the likes of Audi and Red Bull. This led to him directing several action sports-related content for the likes of Nokia & Nike, as well being the only Freerunning based video Director featured in Channel 4′s urban sports documentary Concrete Circus.

Being an early-adopter of 360-degree cameras, he now has extensive experience in rigging and working with the technology. A GoPro Adventure in Les 3 Vallees was nominated for a Best of the Year Award in the Sports category by Vimeo, and has been featured on multiple websites, including GoPro Awards, for innovative use of the technology.

Claudiu now works as a freelance Director, Producer, Camera Operator, Editor and Photographer.